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A well-designed fence offers a lot more than just privacy and security. It can also enhance the look of your property and add additional market value. A fence is a huge investment, and we help you select the best materials available, and walk you through each step of the installation process. We take pride in our team of experienced installers who will provide you with outstanding work and quality service. We offer competitive pricing without cutting corners.


Our team of fence specialists are trained on the proper installation for New England weather. We aim for a depth of 30"- 36" inches minimum on residential installations. We then provide 2-3 bags of 80 lb. Quickrete concrete to secure your posts in the ground. If a minimum depth requirement cannot be met, we will consult the customer and provide alternative options for a strong installation. After being in the industry for 20 years we have seen the short cuts other service providers have left our new customers with and it is devastating to have to see them redo their project all over again. Let us help you get it right the first time.


Our goal is to make sure you're secure in more ways than one. Our PVC and aluminum fence materials carry a limited lifetime warranty with the manufacturers that guarantee a replacement on defective materials. In addition, we offer a labor warranty for up to 90 days after the installation in case something should need to be adjusted on your project.

Garden Fence

Irrigation & Drainage


Key Benefits of the Service

Fences make great neighbors!

  Expand your privacy
  Increase your property value
  Protect your children and pets
  Secure pools and gardens
  Define property markers between you and your neighbors