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24 Sep 2021
Fence Maintenance Services

Pre-fall Season Fence Maintenance

The summer days have given way to the fall season, a time for pumpkin-based lattes, sweaters, and decorations. As Halloween nears, you should start thinking about prepping for the upcoming fall and winter conditions. Although your fence may have made it through the heated summer, it will probably need some maintenance to survive the chilling winters ahead.

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24 Sep 2021
Wooden Fence Installation

How Long Do Fences Last?

Knowing how long your fence will last can be a handy piece of information to have while picking out the best fence for your business or home. Many factors play into how long a particular style of fencing is going to last. However, our fencing specialists advise certain steps you can take to ensure the longevity of your fence.

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02 Sep 2021
Fence Installation Service

13 Important Things to Consider Before Building a Fence

Add a fence to your property can serve a lot of essential functions. From improving your curb appeal, providing security, and increased privacy to offering protection from harsh weather, a well-installed fence can do a lot for you. Getting professional help from a fence installation service is always a good idea, but there are a few things you should know before you sign up for the adventure of building a fence.

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16 Dec 2020
Wooden Decks

Tips to Keep Your Fences in Great Shape

Fences are a great way to add privacy and distinction to any home. However, without maintenance they can become weathered and an eye sore. By following a maintenance routine, you can be sure that your fence always looks incredible. Here are some simple maintenance tips to keep your fence in good shape.

Keep Your Fence Looking Great

  1. Clean off the mildew and mold that builds up on your fence. Pressure washing is a quick and effective way to remove all the built-up bacteria and dirt that is discoloring your fence.
  2. Remove any plants that have overgrown your fence. When plants are left unchecked, they’re capable of causing damage. Overgrown plants cause excess moisture and prevent sunlight from getting through to help dry out the fence.
  3. Be sure to remove any visible rust to prevent damage. A small wire brush and a bit of elbow grease are generally good enough to remove rust spots and improve the overall look of your fence. Areas that have been scrubbed free of rust should be repainted with rust-resistant paint to slow down the rusting process. We are happy to come out and look at your fence provide guidance or help where needed.

Proper maintenance is the best way to keep your fence looking great all year long and maintain the visual appeal of your property that you were looking for when you installed the fence. Give us a call today to discuss a plan of action to best maintain your investment.  978-839-3550

04 Dec 2020
Winter Snow Removal

Winter Snow Preparations for Business

Those of us who live in New England know that winters can be rough. And often utter the words if you don’t like the weather wait a minute. If you own a business, you know that snow can be an issue. Now is the perfect time to hire snow removal services so you’re ready for anything this season brings.

1. Shows That You Care
Keeping your parking lot and walkways clear of snow speaks volumes about your business. It shows that you care about how your company looks and that you want people (employees or customers) to feel safe coming and going. Businesses who neglect shoveling or plowing usually look abandoned in the winter.

2. Safety First
Caring about your business and customers is about more than just maintaining appearances. You want your employees and customers to be safe. Snow plowing, shoveling and de-icing services decrease the risk of tripping, slipping, and getting stuck. All of which are more of a headache than the snow itself.

3. Makes for Easy Entry and Exit

Customers and employees need to be able to enter and exit your business comfortably and easily. Seeing a mountain of snow in front of a business deters people from entering. No one wants to trudge through a foot of snow or carefully walk around deep areas to get inside a building. Hire snow clearing services to keep walkways free of snow and ice and put salt down to prevent further snow buildup is a plus.

4. Accessible Parking
While it’s key to keep walkways clear, it’s just as important to maintain open parking spots for everyone No one wants to risk getting their vehicle stuck in a pile of snow, nor does anyone want to spend an hour looking for clear spot to park that might be far away from the point of entry, especially if it is cold. Snowfall can quickly cover up painted parking lines, making parking lots a messy free-for-all. One of the most important jobs of commercial snow plowing services is to keep parking lots clear and visible so people can safely park close to the building.

5. Less of a Mess
We love the snow, but winter slush is a bummer. The more snow gets walked through, the more slush gets dragged inside. This makes a business’s interior slippery and unsightly.

Commercial snow removal companies can help. The less snow and slush people have to walk through, the less slushy water they’ll carry inside. The goal is prevent customers and employees from slipping in or outside of the business.

Some of you may be in denial but this in New England, and winter is coming. Don’t be caught unprepared for the snow and cold. Pride is here to help you clear away snow this winter and keep everyone safe. Call us today at 781-520-0143 or send us an email at for more information!

10 Apr 2019
Black Chain Link Fence

Black Chain Link Fence

In addition to our vinyl installation today, our senior installer secured this custom concrete driveway and staircases with a 4’ black vinyl chain link fence mounted to the sides with angle brackets. Equipped with top and bottom rail, this fence is the picture perfect image of the custom work you can expect to receive with any of your in home projects here at Pride Fence.


Call today for your list of Can-do’s at 781-520-0143. Looking forward to hearing from you! 

18 Mar 2019
Spring Bunts

I Love Baseball. No ifs and’s or Bunts

Spring is approaching and so is little league. Catching (no pun intended) our guys installing a backstop at one of the local fields on this bright sunny day. If you’re in the market for a fence or know someone who is, please call today or contact us on our website for your free estimate.

23 Oct 2015
Importance of Fence

The Importance Of Fences

Call Us Today For A Free Esitmate @ 781-520-0143

The Importance Of Fences

Nothing beats a good fencing system when it comes to keeping your property free of unwanted visitors. Gates and fences come in a number of designs and colors. They can be made of steel or wood. You can get ornate entry gate for your mansion, or a serviceable steel gate for your modern residence. If you have a barn, you can have a good fence to keep your horse or cattle from trotting off and getting stolen. Commercial properties can opt for automatic gates that you can open and close remotely using controls.

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