Knowing how long your fence will last can be a handy piece of information to have while picking out the best fence for your business or home. Many factors play into how long a particular style of fencing is going to last. However, our fencing specialists advise certain steps you can take to ensure the longevity of your fence.

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The following are some of the most popular fence types being used around the country and how long they can typically last:

Wooden Fences

Timber is one of the most popular choices among homeowners looking to add a rustic feel to their yard or unify their residential aesthetics. Wooden fences can achieve all that for you but are usually the shortest-lived. Since wood is the most vulnerable fencing material, wooden fences demand special attention and careful maintenance practices.

Professional fence companies in Massachusetts provide optimum care and attention to help wooden fences last for more than twenty years. Additionally, periodic maintenance and repair of the damaged parts can help them last even longer.

Chain Link Fences

Ornamental fences like the chain link fence are extra durable and perfect for large-scale fencing projects. Even our fencing specialists suggest chain link as the most practical choice for covering large areas because they are incredibly cost-effective compared to other materials and require minimal upkeep other than general repairs.

Chain link fences can typically last for more than twenty-five to thirty years. Still, their life can be extended even further with professional maintenance practices and prompt damage repair.

Vinyl Fences

Only a few fence types can last longer and do more to serve their purpose with regular maintenance than vinyl fences. Fences made of vinyl demand the least amount of maintenance efforts. The average life of vinyl fences is estimated to be around forty years, with minimal time investment and maintenance efforts to keep them clean and pristine.

However, vinyl fences also require a professional touch during installation. An improperly installed vinyl fencing around your home can turn out to be your worst nightmare. Therefore, we recommend using a commercial fence installation company for extra peace of mind.

Tips To Make Your Fence Last Longer

Select The Right Building Material

The ideal material for your fence should be based on your building type, seasonal variations in your area, the level of security you need, and your budget. Different materials require varied efforts and expenses to stay durable for a long time. However, our fencing specialists will provide the best-suited options based on preferences.

Pick The Optimum Protection

Fence companies in Massachusetts treat fence-building materials with preservative solutions before installation to ensure their longevity. For example, tanalized wood is vacuum pressure treated with protective chemicals. Such pre-fabrication treatment prevents fungal infestation, rot, and decay, extending the life of the finished fence.

Provide Regular Maintenance

Since fences are exposed to external elements, regular maintenance, and damage repair ensure better durability and aesthetics. A few times a year, a general wipe down of the fencing panels is advised to remove dirt and other residues.

Get Expert Fence Installation Service

When it comes to ensuring the long life of your fence, the best materials and maintenance are only as effective as the expert fence installation service you choose to hire. Proper fence installation offers added structural integrity, damage prevention, and security. Commercial fence installation may cost you a bit more, but the high-end services are worth every penny.

If you’re still not clear how long your fence will last, you can get in touch with our fence installation team. Unlike other fencing companies in Massachusetts, our expert fencing specialists will offer tailor-made fencing solutions for your exact needs.